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Learning for 2016

What shall we learn in 2016?

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For those of you who follow the Gregorian calendar, Happy New Year! The new year has caused me to pause and reflect on the year ahead and what subjects I will be learning and writing about. Things are changing faster than ever in the web/JavaScript space which begs the question, what should we learn this year? And what should I write about on my blog?

As a follower of my blog and the content I’ve written to date, this is your chance to influence me on what to write about next!

Some subjects on my list are:

  • AngularJS 2.0
  • ES6/7
  • JavaScript Design Patterns
  • ReactJS
  • Getting better at the Command Line
  • Vim
  • Browser Application Perfomance
  • Chrome Developer Tools

What’s on your mind for the next thing? What makes you feel anxious? Feel free to reach out to me by leaving a comment below, via twitter or by email: hi at

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