Bradley Braithwaite
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Hi, I'm Brad

Bradley Braithwaite

I'm Bradley Braithwaite, an experienced software and product engineer. I'm also a published author for, the world's leading provider for online technical content. I've used a lot of JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, C# & ASP.Net. I can also write programs in Java, and Python.

I'm a habitual learner and want to be the best software developer I can be. I keep an archive of what I've been working on, on this website, either as blog posts or free tutorials.

I care about:

My primary goal as a software engineer is to balance complexity: over complexity makes a system too costly to work with just as much as under complexity can.

I have a bachelor of science degree in computing and I also love MOOCs. Some MOOCs I've completed:


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Contact Me

You can follow me on twitter at @bradoncode or email me at: hi [at]