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TDD Kata Video with Eclipse, JavaScript and QUnit

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I wrote a blog post titled Unit Testing your JavaScript Code with QUnit and JS Test Driver in Eclipse and as a follow up to the post I planned to record a video of me performing a TDD Kata using the tools detailed in the blog. When I came to record the Kata, I ran into some show stopping issues I had not come across before with Eclipse or JS Test Driver. The eventual outcome was that I wrote my own test runner for QUnit and I recorded the Kata using Eclipse to demonstrate the test runner and how I was making use of the QUnit shortcut keys described in the post.

Why you should record yourself coding

Watching yourself code is like hearing yourself sing: you realise that you are not Stevie Wonder.

The initial thing I noticed is that I'm not as fast or as accurate at typing as I thought I was. I switched to the Apple mini wireless keyboard about a month ago and I'm not yet as fast as I was with my alternative Windows keyboard, which was the Microsoft Comfort Curve. I also noticed I use the arrow keys way to much and I should learn to make better use of the shortcut keys to go to the end of, or beginning of a line.

The Kata flows reasonably well however I take too many steps during the last test when asserting the exception message for negatives.

I would have liked to extract sections of the code into methods but due to an error I was seeing with Eclipse I was unable to.


Here are the recordings of me performing the TDD String Calculator Kata in JavaScript using:

  • Eclipse
  • QUnit
  • QUnit Test Runner
For quick viewing there is a video at 2x normal speed. The video is five minutes in length:

2x Speed

Here is the original recording which is 10 minutes in length:

Normal Speed

Kata at 2x Speed

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