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Free Tutorial to Learn the MEAN Stack

A beginner's guide to learning the mean stack.

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mean stack tutorial

I’ve put together a free tutorial titled Learn the Mean Stack - Beginner Tutorial. If you’ve yet to get started with a full JavaScript stack then this tutorial may be for you!

What’s the MEAN Stack?

MEAN is an acronym made up of commonly used technologies for an all JavaScript web stack. You don’t have to use this combination and there are many alternative choices, especially on the client-side such as Backbone, Ember etc.

This particular combination of tools has generated a lot of traction in the enterprise area and is framework based, making it a good place to start.

The key components are:

  • MongoDB (Database)
  • ExpressJS (Web Framework)
  • AngularJS (Front-end Framework)
  • NodeJS (Application Server)

How it works

The concept of the tutorial is to build an app using templates, making it possible to put together the app, discuss the main concepts involved but not to overload with too much theory and writing of code. It’s broken into 5 parts making it possible to follow in stages. I estimate it will take a few hours to complete and I hope will offer a great stepping stone to developers looking to create their first all JavaScript app.

You can find the tutorial here.

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