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MEAN Stack Tutorial Part 5 - Wrap Up

Part 5 and conclusion of the MEAN Stack Tutorial.

12 Feb 2015 Free Software Tutorials by Bradley Braithwaite
mean stack tutorial

This is the final Part of a 5 part Mean Stack Tutorial.

You made it to the end! Thank you for completing the tutorial and I hope that you found it useful!

This is an exciting approach to building web apps. Each concept covered has the potential to be a much longer and more in depth tutorial, which can be saved for future tutorials.

A Note on Testing

One thing we didn’t cover in great depth is unit testing and end to end testing. These concepts are built into Angular to make all code testable. I intend to cover testing as a separate topic. Here’s a tutorial on getting started with Karma or you can also take a look at Getting started with Unit Testing for AngularJS.

Enhancements to Northwind Node

I will be making incremental improvements to the NorthwindNode github project and intend to keep it as a point of reference for both myself and others. As I add new features I may create new tutorials. Keep an eye on my blog for updates.


Thanks again for taking part in this tutorial and I hope that you progressed your MEAN stack skills!

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